3 §11-10-1 Scope.

Florida department of healthswimming pool regulations

This regulation is considered a significant factor in the prevention of disease, sanitary nuisances, and accidents. delayed perpetuity excel

<span class=" fc-smoke">Oct 25, 2022 · MiamiDadeEH@FLHealth. . 17. Recirculation and Treatment System Requirements (Repealed) 7/20/2016: 64E-9. The department shall inspect the swimming pools at such places annually, at the fee set forth in s. A. . Oct 8, 2014 · Florida Department of Health in Pasco County Environmental Health Services.

Spring Hill, Florida 34606.

Swimming Pools.

Alternatively, individuals may take our Pool Operator’s certification exam.

009 : Wading Pools (Repealed) 7/20/2016: 64E-9.

Pool operators are required to maintain a DAILY log on pool chemistry and operation, form DH 921.

The Environmental Health division of the Hillsborough County Health Department ensures the safety and sanitary requirements are met in public swimming pools, spa, wading pools, interactive water features, and special purpose pools.

This Department regulates all public pools and bathing places as defined in Chapter 64E-9 of the Florida Administrative Code.

The department shall provide technical assistance to the commission in updating the construction standards of the Florida Building Code which govern public swimming pools. 1021 Health Park Drive. 1215 North Peacock Avenue Perry, FL 32347.

In Section 514.

018, F.

32 L/s) of recirculation flow, or one person per each 20 square feet (1.

850-584-8653 or 850-584-7335 Mailing Address.

Mailing Location.

In Section 514. The Department of Health is responsible under Chapter 514, Florida Statutes, for the routine surveillance of water quality and safety at all public swimming pools.

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031 Permit necessary to operate public swimming pool.

5. Spa pool rules must also state that the maximum use is 15 minutes. 514. CARROLL COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT BUREAU OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH.

Results are generally available within one week of examination.

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Bureau of Environmental Health, Water Programs. To protect the public health the department has adopted sanitation and safety standards for public pools in Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code (opens in a new window), and enforces those rules through. 10. , are not applicable. . class=" fc-falcon">EH Services Contact. 5. gov. . 514. gov. These requirements shall apply to all public.

C. . In Florida, all condominium swimming pools with less than 32 units must have: A permit to build a swimming pool in the condominium. .

(727) 841-4425 Option 3 and (352) 521-1450 Option 3.

*Indoor pools cannot exceed 5 ppm chlorine Bromine 1.

by a time clock.

Contact Information.


Florida Department of Health in Broward County permits and inspects public swimming pools to assure safety and sanitary requirements are met. , are not applicable. Legislature to preempt those functions to the Florida Building Commission through adoption and maintenance of the Florida Building Code. CHD06@flhealth. . PascoEH@flhealth.

2 Equipotential bonding has been inspected and verified by reconstructed to meet the requirements of Section 454.

fc-falcon">19 within their business operations. 011(2), Florida Statutes, a public swimming pool is: \u2026 defined as: a watertight structure \u2026. 5.